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Hi there, I’m Shellie Deloyer, and this is my story …

Shellie Deloyer

Growing up in small town Ontario, I lived a very average life. In high school, I was a good student, played a couple sports, was involved with the band, and worked part time at my parent’s hardware store. I was a fairly happy kid, came from a great family, and I had a lot of ideas on what life would be like after high school. I thought I knew it all, and had everything figured out. But looking back, I really lacked direction at that age.

I moved to Ottawa when I was 18 and started university. My degree was in biology, which I chose mostly because I didn’t know what else to take and bio was one of my favourite subjects. I wasn’t really thinking ahead of the exciting, yet equally frightening stage that was staring me in the face. I had chosen a university, picked my program, and committed to spending tens of thousands of dollars, with no assurance that I was on the right path, and with little idea of what I would do when I was done. I had a complete lack of direction, I just didn’t know it.

It sounds ridiculous. How did I get myself into this position? Why didn’t I know where my life was going? How come I didn’t have it all figured out? Well, it turns out, this is the case for most students!

When I was in my final year of university, things became very real for me. I had no idea what kind of job I wanted or what was really out there. And I had no idea how to figure it out. I tried seeking help from the student success centre at my school, which turned out not to be much help at all. I was about to graduate with a bachelor of science, and I knew I didn’t want to work in a lab or in research. What else was there?

Teaching! I pursued a Bachelor of Education degree hoping that it would lead me into a specific career and that everything would finally come together.

Turns out, it takes many new teachers as long as ten years to get a permanent teaching job, and the requirements for getting there became even tighter just after I graduated. I did work as a high school occasional teacher, covering daily classes and maternity leaves for 3 years. I taught a number of students who were very unsure of their future. More than learning the curriculum for science, geography, English, or whatever subject I was teaching them at the time, students needed to learn how everything they were doing could (and should) be part of a bigger plan for their future. They craved information about life after graduation. They wanted to know what jobs were out there, what career paths they are well-suited for, what education options they should be considering, and how being in school now and in the future was relevant for them. I saw so many students that were lacking direction, just as I was at their age.

I wanted to do so much more. I wanted to help these students on a much deeper level, to make a real difference in their lives. I stumbled across the idea of becoming an education and career coach by chance. It hit me like a 2 x 4 across the head. I could use my background in education, which I am extremely passionate about, but work with individuals and smaller groups, in proven and effective ways that directly serve a need for people who are seeking direction. For the first time in my life I can say, “I absolutely love what I do!” Not just say it, but yell it at the top of my lungs because that is how excited I am every time I think about it.

Starting a business where I could help people in this situation was, and still is, a personal journey for myself. It’s about providing a service that I could have benefited from as a student and one that so many students still need today. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach to planning your future. It’s personal and customized for each client that I work with. Whether it’s a high school or post-secondary student, a recent graduate, or an adult, everyone has their own story, their own personality, and their own vision for their life. I help them find a career path that is right for them, and make a solid game plan for getting there. Your work makes up such a big part of your life. I believe everyone deserves to love what they do!

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    December 19, 2018, 7:35 am

    Hi Brian. We offer various packages depending on your needs and current situation. If you book your complimentary consultation we can discuss the best option for you. Thanks!

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